``Long-John`` Model

Our Long-John Post and Pile Driver is a really common unit that some of our customers have used for years. We have been told by one client that he drives about 10,000 steel posts / year with his unit and has been for years with little maintenance.

The Long-John has a built in hydraulic ram that will allow the operator to slide the vibrating head up to your desired height. This unit weighs in at 1400lbs. so it does require a larger model of skid steer to handle it safely.

As the operator you can control everything from the inside of your cab or if you are working with someone let them control it with the external wired remote.

``Long-John`` Model

The Long-John Vibratory Post and Pile Drivers are definitely tried and found true by many custom fencers:

If safety is important… we use “non-violent” High Frequency Vibration only.
No dangerous cycling hammer = no more flying splinters of broken posts.
Low Maintenance — only 2 grease points
Requires an electrical connection on skid steer – has a directional ram control valve.
Allows the install of Posts to 18′ (foot).
Easily drive down up to 6″+ wood posts with no worries.
4” – 6″+ (shed 40) Steel Posts drive with ease
Is designed for larger model Skid Steers.
Works on most types of posts – without damaging them.
Works on most all types of posts (including cedar) – without damaging them.
We keep a volume of all types of units in stock — no manufacturing wait time.
Comes with several various sized “Pole Caps” at no charge.
We can drop ship right to your door anywhere in North America in just a few days.
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NEW – We have now started making a multi-position model as well so you can move the vibe head from the center of the unit to example; the side of the unit so you can just drive down a fence line without constantly repositioning the unit over the post.

This model can be purchased to adjust into 3 potential positions on the skid steer plate. It costs more but some clients believe the extra fab fees and materials required are worth the extra cost.

Critical Components are of the highest quality and are CNC Machined and are carefully assembled by our hand-picked machinists. We guarantee the customer will receive a high quality product the first time, every time. Same great warranty, same great service comes with this model.