Great products that work and can take a beating. The owner always helps out whenever we have a question or need help. Peter Keller G.B. Hastie Fence - Agawam, Massachusetts
Neil was very helpful updating/upgrading our old post vibe. His service went over and above expectations to ensure we had the correct parts. He was a big help during installation and even stuck around to watch it work. Thank you Neil & Vibe Drive! Gord Clark Q & Q Fencing - Red Deer County, Alberta
We have never purchased a product from Vibe Drive, HOWEVER, we have a older version that Neil has been able to provide parts, recommendations and TOP NOTCH SERVICE. Having a post vibe and reviewing his updated, improved product line, this guy has built a quality product and provides AWESOME CUSTOMER SERVICE! Andrew Olson AnDi's Fence All - Glenwood, Minnesota
I have had the pleasure of doing business with Vibe Drive Technologies in the past on more than one occasion. The employees I have met to date have been very customer focused. Great people, quality product. I will certainly recommend this company to anyone looking for a faster and safer method of driving posts and/or piles with their skid steer or small excavator. Jeff Turner
These guys are awesome! Neil took care of me through every step of the process. He loves what he does, and it shows in the quality of his product. Vibe Drive Technologies gained a life time customer with me. You will not be disappointed if you decide to buy one of their units. The first day we used it, we installed over 40 wood posts before it was time to eat lunch. The posts were tight in the ground, and there was no hand digging at all. GREAT PRODUCT AND AWESOME PEOPLE TO DEAL WITH!! Jason Haycox
Amazing service!! Extremely fast and insightful have called multiple times with minor problems and all were resolved in an extremely timely manner with no charge! Neil always made it work with my hectic schedule as a small business owner couldn't ask for a more accommodating business! Cody Jorgensen
VIBE DRIVE Tech is a very “unconventional” company. I called the owner at the very beginning and asked some questions about the vibrators and the company history (before he purchased it). In that conversation I had voiced my concerns of dealing with someone over the phone. My worries were soon over after visiting on the phone with the owner. “Unconventional” … meaning a man’s word is his honor. I never remember having anything in writing as far as a contract goes between VIBE DRIVE and I, … never felt like one was needed. All concerns or minor changes in design have been addressed by them, exceeding my expectations by a country mile. Rick Jarvis Jarvis Farms – Phillipsburg, Kansas
We purchased one of the original VIBE DRIVE units many years ago, recently we had some normal wear and tear issues and Neil was more than helpful getting us up and running again. The VIBE DRIVE allows us to be more productive and drive post deeper than the conventional pneumatic driver. If you are looking for a vibratory driver look no further. Bill Fox Fox Fence – Niagara Falls, New York
Very happy with the Vibe Drive unit, it has handled various ground conditions well. In the Pincher Creek area you can go from loam, heavy clay to gravel and rock in a short distance. It has made pounding posts easy. Gordon & Cathy Klein Klein Ranch & Construction - Pincher Creek, Alberta
After buying a MX-PUMA to fit our Case CX50 (low flow) mini excavator we pounded 1600 wooden posts under all types of terrain and soil conditions within just the first 3 weeks. We are extremely happy with the performance of the machine, with very impressive results. We are pounding 4-5″ wooden posts 2 feet into the ground and 7-8″ brace posts 4 feet into the ground. Thanks to Neil and VIBE DRIVE Technologies for the great help and service with our machine! Darrell G. Fencing Contractor – Pincher Creek, Alberta