Tent Peg Driver & Puller

Vibrating Tent Peg Driver & Puller

Commercial and industrial tents and event tents require tent pegs that can handle keeping these large structures in place. However, other methods of installing these pegs can be strenuous and time-consuming. If you are ready to set up your tents faster, the tent peg driver from Vibe Drive Technologies is the solution.

Our tent peg driver can be installed onto your skid steers or excavators in a matter of minutes. Using vibration technology, you can have that tent peg in the ground in seconds. And we know that pulling pegs when the tent needs to come down can be just as difficult. The tent peg driver is also designed to pull tent pegs from the ground as quickly as installing them.

Note: This is a new product Vibe Drive is developing. JK Rentals in Kewaskum, Wisconsin, will be the Authorized Dealer of this equipment. More information on this will be available soon.



  • Up to 5,000 vibrations per minute
  • Attaches to Skid Steers
  • Can be designed to attach to small excavators
  • Huge time saver

Vibe Drive’s Commitment to Quality Equipment & Service

  • Only true vibrating drivers on the market
  • Uses only vibrations and minimal down pressure
  • Vibration does not transfer to the machine
  • Installs tent pegs in seconds and it is easy to operate
  • Faster peg set-up equals reduced labor costs
  • Manufactured in North America using the most durable components
  • Does not require nitrogen

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