Save time and money and increase user safety with our “class leading” Vibratory Post and Pile Drivers. No digging, no concrete, no cleanup required with this simple and easy to use tool. Boost your productivity and profits, even more with our quick change attachments allowing conversion to a handy:

  • “Concrete / Rock Breaker” *
  • “Hoe Pack / Tamper”
  • “Ground Rod Driver”

Vibe Drive post drivers are designed with the end user in mind. Our compact units will connect quickly to your Skid Steer, Small Excavator or Telehandler, Picker Boom Truck etc allowing convenient access to those hard to reach yard boundaries and tree lines.

120 Center Mount


The 120-SS and 120-LS Models of our Post and Pile Driver comes with a standard skid steer plate adapter. These models can now be purchased as a “center mount” and/or a “full left shift mount” for those who wish to drive down the fence line with a reduced need to spin the skid steer into position.

120 MX


The 120-MX Post and Pile Driver (is our newest model) and easily attaches to any small excavator or even a Picker Boom Truck. This model changes in minutes to a Concrete Breaker and/or a Hoe Pack … we are getting a lot of interest in this one!

120 MX


The 240 Series Post and Pile Drivers are designed for larger model Skid Steers and can safely drive posts and piles up to 20’ (feet) in height. This system has a built in hydraulic ram and weighs in at approx 1400lbs. Custom Fencers have been using this model for years.

Operational Benefits

  • Easily mounts to skid steer, Excavator or Telehandler, or custom equipment
  • (4 in 1) attachments for some models – Post /Pile Driver – Concrete /Rock Breaker – Hoe Pack/Tamper and for our Utilities Clients ……….. a Ground Rod Driver where you can drive 20 feet of rod into even frozen ground in 2 to 3 minutes
  • Easily installs up to 6 inch wood posts, and 8 inch steel posts and piles
  • Versatile for any type of post/pile installation including decorative posts, T-bar, V-bar, wood and metal
  • Low impact, non-violent, safe operation
  • Quick and easy set up – Extremely low maintenance costs
  • Timely and cost effective for your diverse needs


These Attachments have been designed to save our valued clients both time and money. We have engineered a growing variety of what is now (4 in 1) interchangeable attachments for either the 120-SS (Skid Steer Model) and also for our 120-MX (Mini and Small Excavator Models) that consist of:

  • “Post / Pile Drivers”
  • “Concrete / Rock Breakers”
  • “Hoe Pack / Tampers”
  • “Ground Rod Drivers” (for the Utilities’ Industries)

Fence-in - Pull'r Tight


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