We purchased our first “Vibe Drive” Post Driver from Vibe Drive Technologies in early 2020 and it has exceeded our expectations. A little more pricey than a competitors, but worth every dollar, we cannot say enough good things about the people and the quality of the product. I wish I had known about this company years ago, we are looking at the purchase of another unit at this time.
D. Noble,
Noble Fencing - Michigan
The VIBE DRIVE is bar none the safest, but also the most efficient and effective system for installing all types of posts in most any type terrain. My employees have utilized the Vibe to install a wide range of post sizes both in wood (4″x4″ up to and including 6″x6″ Flat Bottom) and with metal even bigger diameters was no problem at all. VIBE DRIVE’s high frequency vibration pre-conditioned the ground to set much like concrete around the post. No more mixing concrete and tailings disposal for us so a big time/labor savings here. Keeping the posts plumb was a breeze. I’d recommend this product over any others to an individual who is looking to install large quantities of posts safely, and effectively.
Scott Tougas,
PRK Construction Ltd, Edmonton, Alberta
We have used VIBE DRIVE products and services for nearly ten years now (240 series). We drive thousands of galvanized steel posts every year and have found the 240 series to be one of best “pound to height” drivers on the market. We typically use our 240 VIBE DRIVES for our most challenging jobs as it does minimal (if any) damage to the posts and will drive through the most difficult of terrain’s. The most frequent issue for us is frost. Where the traditional skid steer mounted slide post pounder could take up to 15 minutes per post and cannot be set to height, the VIBE DRIVE will set the same post in the same frost in less than 2 minutes, and that, without damage. Now setting posts in easy terrain is like cutting butter with a hot knife; smooth and fast. This machine does have a learning curve for the operator, however once trained, well worth the effort. Finally, Neil and his team are top notch for parts and service. There are few companies that are willing to invest the time and effort into their customers like they do on a regular basis. Very capable products backed by excellent service.
David Elias,
Asset Manager , Wallace & Wallace Fences Ltd. Winnipeg Manitoba
Just finished up some rather challenging pre-winter fencing with the 120SS VIBE DRIVE post driver attached to my skid steer ie; heavy brush, tight access, and uneven terrain etc. I was very pleased that even when in uneven terrain, driving in a post vertically straight was easy. Going in, my expectations of the VIBE DRIVE performance and quality were high. I was impressed on all counts.
Ryan Farley,
Lacombe County, Alberta, Canada
I am currently building a scaled down Rail Road on my property to benefit Children’s Hospitals Charities. The 120-SS VIBE DRIVE on my skid steer vibrated in several feet of 4 ½” steel pilings into this complex track system complete with bridges and trestles in under 60 seconds each. We had some tight spots to get into, with some piles being driven underneath a previously enclosed roof area and this unit being compact worked perfectly on all counts. Auguring / Cementing piles would have taken much longer and the piles still would not have been as solidly in the ground as they are having used the VIBE DRIVE Pile Driver.
Ernie Beskowiney,
``Train Acres``, Lacombe County, Alberta Canada
The VIBE DRIVE Post Driver is an invaluable time-saver, creating a high productivity aspect to our operation along with increasing the versatility of our equipment and cutting our labor cost. The workmanship and quality of this product is excellent, with virtually no maintenance cost. The icing on the cake is that the labor savings will pay for the VIBE DRIVE in a short period of time.
Lloyd Schneider,
L J Ranch Ltd. – Logan, KS
Neil and his team at VIBE DRIVE have been great to deal with since the get go. Some of our customers have very unique jobs they need to complete, and with adding the VIBE DRIVE units to our rental fleet this has helped the customer complete the tasks productively and safely. The VIBE DRIVE team provides excellent customer service and a great product.
Justin Lorenowicz,
Sunbelt Rentals of Canada Inc. | Profit Center Manager
I purchased a Vibratory Driver from another company ago quite a few years ago; and we never did use it as we contracted out our fencing about the same time. We recently discovered that we never did receive all the required pieces to make this long ago purchased “competitors” product run efficiently. We called VIBE DRIVE Technologies for advice and even though this original driver was not their product, they went above and beyond anything we could have imagined to get us up and running with our old but new product. I would highly recommend VIBE DRIVE Technologies to any and all who may inquire.
Steve Swank,
Chinook, Montana
After buying a MX120 to fit our Case CX50 (low flow) mini excavator we pounded 1600 wooden posts under all types of terrain and soil conditions within just the first 3 weeks. We are extremely happy with the performance of the machine, with very impressive results. We are pounding 4-5″ wooden posts 2 feet into the ground and 7-8″ brace posts 4 feet into the ground. Thanks to Neil and VIBE DRIVE Technologies for the great help and service with our machine!
Darrell G.,
Fencing Contractor – Pincher Creek, Alberta
Very happy with the Vibe Drive unit, it has handled various ground conditions well. In the Pincher Creek ( Alberta) area you can go from loam, heavy clay to gravel and rock in a short distance. It has made pounding posts easy.
Gordon & Cathy Klein,
Klein Ranch & Construction
We purchased one of the original VIBE DRIVE units many years ago, recently we had some normal wear and tear issues and Neil was more than helpful getting us up and running again. The VIBE DRIVE allows us to be more productive and drive post deeper than the conventional pneumatic driver. If you are looking for a vibratory driver look no further.
Bill Fox,
Fox Fence – Niagra Falls, New York
VIBE DRIVE Tech is a very “unconventional” company. I called the owner at the very beginning and asked some questions about the vibrators and the company history (before he purchased it). In that conversation I had voiced my concerns of dealing with someone over the phone. My worries were soon over after visiting on the phone with the owner. “Unconventional” … meaning a man’s word is his honor. I never remember having anything in writing as far a contract goes between VIBE DRIVE and I, … never felt like one was needed. All concerns or minor changes in design have been addressed by them, exceeding my expectations by a country mile.
Rick Jarvis,
Jarvis Farms – Phillipsburg, Kansas